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About us

Take advantage of the available Erasmus + programs in the offer of internships for high school/secondary students as well as for language and higher education colleges. Our aim is to incorporate multi -cultural programmes for personal and educational benefit.

EU Mobility is an organization operating in several European countries (Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy). We specialize in implementing Erasmus projects in the field of internships and apprenticeships for students, as well as language and methodological training for teachers. We work for the integration of students in the field of professional, personal and education development.

Thanks to our attractive offer, each year almost 1,000 students and teachers have travelled to various EU countries. All our activities are aimed at enabling young people and adults to benefit from the best foreign education and gain professional experience on the European labor market.


Patrycja Pilarek

Patrycja has contributed to the implementation of over 150 projects for the mobility of students and teachers. Her contribution is particularly visible under Action 1 – vocational education and training for students and learning mobility for teachers. Patrycja oversees and co-ordinates trips under Erasmus + projects, primarily vocational, methodological and language apprenticeships and training, job shadowing and teaching assignment in EU countries.

She graduated from social rehabilitation pedagogy at the University of Silesia, worked for 7 years as a teacher, then managed the Department of Family Support at the Municipal Social Assistance Center in Czeladz, where she implemented EU and national projects.

In 2013, she began working with an Irish company implementing EU projects, causing its dynamic development, opening new locations and admitting nearly 1,000 students per year. Patrycja always remains in close co-operation with schools at the stage of project preparation in all its aspects, depending on the needs.  She serves schools with the necessary help when writing applications and co-ordinates all implemented projects in Sweden.

Karol Pilarek

Karol works with schools in EU countries. The main purpose of his activity is the implementation of Erasmus + projects in Poland and Sweden. His work is to organize apprenticeships and professional internships for pupils, students and teachers from all over Europe. This will result in improving the professional qualifications and skills of students, while learning new innovative methods in the field of vocational education and training. It also improves the professional perspectives of participants, increasing the chances of employing students or furthering education, as well as the personal development of participants. An important aspect is also active participation in social integration in the field of interculturalism, tolerance, immigration and the understanding of other cultures.

Privately Karol is a car mechanics enthusiast.

Karolina Maciejewska

A specialist in the field of obtaining EU funds, specifics and types of projects, reporting, reporting, dissemination of project results, evaluation and monitoring of all key project areas.

A teacher who has been the coordinator of EU projects in schools for over 10 years as part of the Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus + programs.

She graduated from the Faculty of Philology with a specialization in German Philology, Teachers’ Program at the University of Silesia in Katowice and postgraduate studies in the field of Education Management, which also makes her an expert in the field of education law and enables the management of EU projects in accordance with applicable principles of education law. She was also the director of a non-public educational institution, which also allowed her to gain experience in team management.

German trainer also conducting classes as part of the Regional Operational Programs of the Silesian Voivodeship for 2014-202



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